Wait, books aren’t tech!

I know, but I wanted to take a quick break from the tech stuff to write about a series of books that you should read if you like Sci-Fi.  Besides, you can read it on your Amazon Fire Tablet.  There I tied it to some tech.

Old Man’s War

Old Man's War

John Scalzi is the author of “Old Man’s War” in this book mankind has reached for the stars and started to colonize the galaxy.  Trouble is, there are a lot of other species out there that want to settle on the same planets that the humans do.  This does pose a problem.  Humans in the galaxy are outgunned and generally the weakest species fighting for the limited planets that can support life.  But the humans are catching up.

Senior citizens on Earth are promised a new life if they join the Colonial Defence Force.  The space-based military that protects human interests throughout the galaxy.  Why senior citizens you ask?  Well, the technology has been created to transfer their consciousness from their old body into a new clone body.  This allows the CDF to have a ready group of soldiers that are already mature and willing to fight in exchange for the new lease on life, however long that may be.

After a brief couple of weeks of training, the new recruits are sent off to fight humanities wars across the galaxy.  If you have read “The Forever War” then you have some idea where this is headed.  If not, read both books.

Our hero in the book, John Perry, survives a couple of battles and shows an aptitude for survival in a firefight.  He is picked for a special mission with the CDF Special Ops Force.  There he meets a young fighter who is in what appears to be his dead wife’s body.  Turns out CDF has been harvesting the bodies of people who died and didn’t sign for service, to be the clones for the minds of the super soldiers they have created.  Weird enough, it’s not hard to follow.

The book is really interesting and the pacing is good.  The plot is great and it does spill well into the larger universe created for what is now 6 books.  I won’t spoil the ending for you.  It is well worth the read.  I would recommend picking up the trilogy for the holidays.  Each of the books can be read in a good weekends worth of time.

And if you have a sci-fi fan on your gift list, they will surely enjoy this book.  But chances are, they have read it already.  Word of caution, there is so talk of sex and some of the death scenes are rather violent, so probably not best for younger readers.  I would say to keep it at 15+.

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