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Tablet Reviews

Tablet Reviews

What is the best tablet? Which is the best tablet?  Why do you need one?  Which one should you buy?  All very good questions.  Tablets were supposed to be the death of the laptop computer.  The tablet was the end all solution to your mobile computing needs.  Bigger than your phone and smaller and easier […]

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Has Apple lost it’s edge?

Apple Design

There is not a lot of innovation coming out of Cupertino Really, what’s going on there?  Apple for awhile has been riding the wave of good customer vibes and the cutting edge of design and tech.  They have produced some of the most sought after products of the first part of this century.  The iPhone, Macbook […]

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Google Chromecast 2 – The Puck looking one

Google Chromecast

Of all the casting devices, this is one I have been using the Google Chromecast 2 for about a month now.  I have really enjoyed it, once I figured out how to make it work. Google Chromecast at the Google Store Google Chromecast at Best Buy Setup is not overly difficult, the Chromecast provides it’s […]

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