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Review: HP Chromebook 13 G1

I have been on a bit of a Chromebook kick lately.  I don’t make any apologies for it either.  I have been using as my primary device the HP Chromebook 13 G1.  Not the best name but it is what they call it.  This is one of the best Chromebooks, I think, you can get […]

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Review: Acer R11 Chromebook Hands-On review of the Acer Chromebook R11

A lot of things to a lot of people The Acer Chromebook R11 2-in1 was one of the first wave of Chromebooks to offer the Google Play App Store.  I wondered if this addition was going to be value added or somewhat of a distraction from an otherwise great operating system.  I held off doing […]

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From Windows to the Mac - Switch from Windows to Mac

I am not anti-Apple… I just never saw the point in paying more for the hardware I already had.  I thought of Apple MacBooks as really expensive laptops.  Since they pretty much are for what you get.  When I got the chance at work to switch to a MacBook I took the leap. If you […]

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Why are Computer Sales Slumping?

Why don’t people want “real” computers anymore It’s not news that overall sales of new computers have been slumping for a couple of years now.  Worldwide the sales of PCs and Mac computers have been on a downward slide due to low consumer demand and a shift to more mobile computing.  Let’s take a look […]

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The New Acer Rugged Chromebook 11

There are a lot of great Chromebooks coming out When the MadebyGoogle event happened back in October 2016, there was some disappointment that there was no mention of new Chromebooks coming out.  Well, it looks like everyone was waiting for the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to happen to announce all the new devices coming […]

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How to Switch from Windows to Chromebook

Switching is easy! So you got a new Chromebook as a gift or you are thinking of jumping from Windows (or Mac even, the steps are close to the same) and move onto a lighter and more responsive OS.  Laptops that are cheaper and don’t require the overhead of a full flavor OS.  Do you […]

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7 ways to speed up your laptop

Update Laptop

So you want to keep the old laptop Laptop sales have been on the downward trend for the last couple of years.  With overall sales down for Windows and Apple laptops, it’s no wonder people are holding on to older machines. Instead of upgrading the whole device, we are shifting our computing needs to other […]

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Acer Chromebook 14 vs 15 inch MacBook Pro

Chromebook vs Apple

Putting the Chromebook through its paces A lot has been said about how a Chromebook would work in real life.  I have spent several pages explaining how I have been able to fit the Chromebook into my work and into my play.  The myths and old preconceptions about what a Chromebook is, are gone.  It […]

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Has Apple lost it’s edge?

Apple Design

There is not a lot of innovation coming out of Cupertino Really, what’s going on there?  Apple for awhile has been riding the wave of good customer vibes and the cutting edge of design and tech.  They have produced some of the most sought after products of the first part of this century.  The iPhone, Macbook […]

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My first month with a Chromebook

First Month Down, still going Strong I am wrapping up my first month using a Chromebook and ChromeOS.  I was really excited to see what this platform could offer and I have to say I still love it.  Everything the detractors say is wrong.  I am currently writing this review totally devoid of internet connectivity […]

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