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Going Back to the Flip Phone


Why, in the age of the smartphone, would someone voluntarily go back to a flip phone?  I can hear you asking, “You run a Tech Blog, why would you do that!” Well, there are a few reasons why I have done it.  I will try to lay out a couple of them here for you.  Maybe […]

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Switch from iPhone to Android

It’s not as hard as you think So maybe you asked for and got the new Google Pixel for Christmas and are ready to ditch the iPhone.  Maybe you are just holding on to the iPhone since it is all you have ever known.  If you have been seeing your friend convert from iPhone to Android […]

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Full Review: Google Pixel

First Week with the Google Pixel It’s been a week since I bought a Google Pixel, I chose the Very Black 5 inch 32GB version.  I am switching from the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active that was also a 32Gb and made that work just fine.  I didn’t see the need to pay another $120 for […]

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First Impressions: Google Pixel

Google Pixel

The most anticipated phone of the year: Well, at least the one that still has a headphone jack and also doesn’t explode in your pocket.  A lot of signs early in the summer pointed to Google releasing their own phone.  For many years the Nexus line of phones have been the flag carrier for the […]

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Has Apple lost it’s edge?

Apple Design

There is not a lot of innovation coming out of Cupertino Really, what’s going on there?  Apple for awhile has been riding the wave of good customer vibes and the cutting edge of design and tech.  They have produced some of the most sought after products of the first part of this century.  The iPhone, Macbook […]

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Sunday “I Want This” – Google Pixel

Google Pixel

  The Google Pixel Phone – Pure Android The Google Pixel is now shipping and people so far have been really happy with it.  The phone was announced at the Google Event back in early October.  This is the first phone designed by Google themselves.  Before they would tell a manufacturing partner (LG, Samsung, HTC) what […]

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Samsung S6 Active

A Rugged Flagship Level Phone   I purchased the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active at the beginning of 2016.  I had been using the LG G4 previous to that, and really didn’t like it.  The shape and size just did not fit into my comfort zone.  It was a great phone, but just wasn’t for me. […]

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