If money was no objectSurface Book Screen

Seriously, there is some good stuff out there and I keep my eye on things I know would never really be in my budget.  I have liked the Surface from the first ones that came out.  Now the Microsoft Surface is first and foremost, a tablet.  You have to normally pay extra to get your hands on the detachable keyboard.  It’s a great tablet, it is super powerful as tablets go and runs the full Microsoft Windows OS.

So why would you want the “laptop”Surface Folded

The Surface Book is technically Microsoft’s first in house laptop. It incorporates the best of the Surface with the functionally of a real laptop.  With it also being the flagship Microsoft device it packs the latest and greatest hardware to run about anything you could want.  The sky is really the limit with this machine.  It also has an incorporated stylus which allows you to “write” on the screen.

I have had some experience with using a pen input with a Bamboo.  It’s really great.  I don’t really have the use case for it everyday, but it is something worth checking out.

It also hits at the form factor I like, 13.5 inches.  Easy enough to carry around and big enough to do actual work on.  The processor option I would get also would be the Core i7 processor, which is the biggest and fastest processor that they make.  This laptop screams.

So if I had an unlimited amount of money, or if some genie said “Which laptop would you like?” give me the Surface Book!  Seriously this machine is close to the top of all laptops on the market.  But with all things computer, what is top today is bottom in two years.  So if anything I should be able to affordably get my hands on one of these for my 40th birthday!  A guy can hope right?

Some stats

Screen Size 13.5 inches
Max Screen Resolution 3000*2000 pixels
Processor 2.6 GHz Core M Family
Hard Drive 512 GB flash_memory_solid_state
Graphics Coprocessor Nvidia GeForce GPU
Card Description dedicated
Wireless Type 802.11 A/C
Number of USB 3.0 Ports 2

Seriously, this thing packs it all.  I already covered the 13.5 inch screen, perfect.  Now about that screen 3000×2000 is ridiculous.  That is beyond full HD.

The processor I mentioned, is the best you can get.

16GB of RAM is enough for all but the most hard core 3D rendering.  You are not going to animate the next Toy Story on this, but you could work a couple of scenes out.

It also has a discrete graphics card.  This is not something you usually find in a laptop.  Normally the graphics processing is handled by the primary processor, which takes away power.  If you can shift that work over to a graphics processor it makes your computer that much faster.

Wireless 802.11 A/C is the latest and fastest WiFi standard.  It’s the best you can get.

USB 3.0 is the newest USB standard, it is way faster than the outgoing standard.  There are a lot of new USB 3.0 devices coming onto the market.  This will probably start getting supplemented with USB-C Connections soon, but nothing to worry about in the near term.

USB-C is the newest connection type for USB.  It will be able to provide power and data transfer.  It’s a lot like the MicroUSB cable you use for most, non-Apple, devices.  The biggest advantage to the USB-C is it can be plugged in either way.  So no more worrying about getting the connector upside down.

Why a Window’s machine?  I thought you were a ChromeOS guy?Surface Keyboard

I am really loving my new Chromebook and I am totally happy I got it.  Every now and again I need something on Windows while I am out on the road.  I can usually remote into my desktop computer, but this would make that unnecessary.  I could actually replace my desktop machine with this laptop and it would be a huge upgrade.

I don’t hate Windows machines, I just don’t usually need the weight of a full OS.  I can usually get by just fine with the lightweight and low overhead of ChromeOS.

Plus, I think think it is just a good looking laptop.  The hinge articulates like the bendy part of a bus, Microsoft calls it “dynamic fulcrum”.  It allows the laptop to fold all the way around to make a tablet.  You can also still detach the tablet part if you want that experience.

There really is nothing this machine cannot do or any niche it can’t fit.

If you can get past the price.

For a laptop packing these stats and this much power I feel the price is about right.  This is a high end luxury device to compete with the latest Apple laptops.  That is about where the price point lays.  The latest Mac Powerbooks run in the mid-$1300 to topping out fully loaded around $2500.  The Surface Pro is meant to pull people out of the Apple camp, or to keep people from converting to Apple from Windows.

The Bottom Line

If you are in the market for a high-end powerhouse machine that can take anything you could possibly throw at it, while I wouldn’t recommend actually throwing anything physical at it.  The Surface Book is worth the look.  If you run a Mac now and it’s getting close to upgrade time, I think you would also do well to check this out.  I know it would be a safe way to jump to Windows at the same price point you were hitting anyways.  This is a laptop that is the top of my “Want” list.  I hope to someday get a chance to use one, even for just the chance to try it out for a few days.  It’s like if a friend would let you borrow their Ferrari.  So if you have the budget, go ahead, you won’t be sorry with this great performer.

What do you think of the Surface Book?  Do you have one and want to mention your experience with it?  Please leave a comment below.  Also sign up for the newsletter, that way you never miss a post.  We look forward to providing great reviews, tips and advice.  Just like you would get from a trusted friend.

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