Just like you would get from your tech friends, without the neckbeard

I want to continue doing reviews of products that I have had the chance to use.  I also feel that covering some of the items that the big review sites won’t is helpful.  I have also decided that I want to offer some advice.

I have often be asked my opinion on what to buy or what to look for when it comes to my friends and family buying new tech.  I think I have a great way of making things easy to understand for people who don’t know the difference between a gigabyte and a megahertz.  Sometimes people just want to know what they should get to solve the problem they have.

Not everyone needs to know what the latest device got in it’s benchmark test, it’s not something they care about, most people just want stuff that works.  I know that’s heresy to those of us who live and breathe this stuff but it is the truth.

So in the next few weeks I am going to devote a day to buying advice also, I hope that it will be articles you can share with your friends and family as another place that they can get some info they can trust.  I will also try to provide the links to the best deals to buy the stuff I recommend.

In full disclosure I may get a commission on some of those sales, but I will not let it influence my choices.  If you don’t like the idea of me getting a small percentage of the sale, please feel free to go to the sites directly and buy it from them.

So look for these advice articles coming soon along with continued reviews about things I find useful.

Have a great weekend!

Till next time,