Welcome to Average Guy Reviews!

I want to create a place where people can get honest reviews on items they would actually buy.  There are lots of places out there that you can get reviews of high-end items.  I get it, that stuff is exciting, I like reading about the latest Ferrari’s, $1000 laptops and latest and greatest phones.

What about the stuff for those of us on a budget, we want great stuff and we don’t want to spend a lot.  There are a lot of options out there that allow high end stuff to show up at rock bottom prices.  I enjoy searching around for stuff that works as well as the high end items for a fraction of the price.  Sometimes it works out sometimes it doesn’t.

I buy everything I review on here.  I use it and if it works I will tell you.  I won’t get super into the details on each item, but try to focus on what makes an item useful.  I hope to be able to put the items I review their paces in real world uses and situations.

So come back on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for my takes on the stuff I like and I hope you will like also.  Please feel free to comment on what you would like to see here.