More than a refresh, a reintroduction

13 inch macbookI make no bones about not being an Apple fan.  I think there are a lot of great devices out there that you don’t have to pay the premium for.  I will admit they do make a great computer.  I have had the chance to use a couple of MacBooks at work and I do like them.  I just have a hard time justifying spending $1400 for a laptop.  If you are an Apple fan, go for it.  I won’t sit here and judge your choices.

What’s happening

According to there is going to be an announcement from Apple on October 27th.  This follows the Apple release day that turned into being all about the iPhone and it’s lack of a headphone jack.  Many people wondered why Apple didn’t announce the updates to their somewhat long in the tooth Macbooks.  Apple really needs a bump in their computer sales.  The iPhone is a flagship product but the margins are too narrow to carry the company.  A write up at 9 to 5 Mac tells more about what to expect.

The market is soft

Laptop sales across the board are starting to slack, both for Apple and for the Windows based OEMs.  The most recent back to school season, historically one of the best times for laptop sales, was one of the worst ever.pc-sales-stats

Sales are down for everyone

Why is it?  Computers and the internet are some of the most widely used devices in the western world.  Everyone, I mean everyone has a way to connect to the internet in the modern post-industrial society. So why are people buying more laptops?  Turns out that laptops are getting better and people don’t feel the need to replace them every year.  Also in several emerging markets, the smartphone and the tablet are becoming the computing device of choice.

Why it matters

If Apple wants to continue to be the leader in the “must have” computing devices it really needs to step up and wow the consumer.  The Apple faithful will of course be there for them, but they need to give a compelling reason for someone to shell out twice as much money for one of their laptops versus a cheaper one from HP or Dell.  The recent increase in the number of Windows based laptops with touchscreens and the lack of that option in the Apple product line hurts.  Apple needs to regain their position as being on the cutting edge of design.  A lot of the offerings from the Windows OEMs are taking pages from Apple’s design book.  No longer is it a choice between a great looking Apple Macbook and a dull, black slab Windows laptop.  I read rumor today that there will be a new, black MacBook.  Read it here at

What should you do?

So with the announcement around the corner it is best to wait to purchase a new Apple Macbook until after the announcement.  You should be able to pick up on of the outgoing models much cheaper than they are today. Check them out on Amazon. Make sure you get the MacBook Pro with the Retina Screen.  If you are really interested in the new machines Apple is going to put out, it’s best to wait.  Will they release something with a touch screen?  I have no idea, Apple so far has been able to keep things about their new computers under wraps much better than they did their new phone.  One thing that is leaking is that the new MacBooks should have an OLED menu above the keyboard.  This would give the user touch controls around where the functions keys would be. Second is that one of the new MacBooks could also have an E-Ink keyboard, check it out at

Bottom Line

There are new laptops coming from Apple.  This should be the much needed shot in the arm for their sagging computer sales.  With the momentum gained from the new iPhone 7 they can engender a lot of good will.  This will hopefully turn into a nice profit going through the holiday shopping season.


What are you most looking forward to in the new Apple MacBooks?  Share in the comments below.