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How you interact with your computer matters If you find it hard to use something, chances are you won’t use it.  That has been the focus of this blog from the start 6 months ago.  I like making things easier for people to understand the new tech coming out and making the best use of […]

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Going Analog

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We live in an always on, connected world Well at least in the Western Countries that is, in the last 25 years we have seen a fundamental shift in how we interact with each other and the world around us.  We are always available, always on, and can never shut down.  We have welcomed this […]

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Review: Acer R11 Chromebook

www.avgguytech.com Hands-On review of the Acer Chromebook R11

A lot of things to a lot of people The Acer Chromebook R11 2-in1 was one of the first wave of Chromebooks to offer the Google Play App Store.  I wondered if this addition was going to be value added or somewhat of a distraction from an otherwise great operating system.  I held off doing […]

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Some new things coming…

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I have been enjoying demystifying your tech But I am feeling called to do a little bit more, don’t worry I will still be bringing you latest in tech news and reviews and how-tos.  I am going to be launching a new venture alongside Average Guy Tech. I will be dropping a few hints along the […]


Alternatives to Skype – Video Messaging

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Skype is the big name, but not the only game Thanks to being “first” to the game and being the best positioned and marketed video calling service, Skype is now synonymous with online video calling.  As we have seen before, in the world of the internet, being first doesn’t always mean your the best.  I have […]

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From Windows to the Mac

www.avgguytech.com - Switch from Windows to Mac

I am not anti-Apple… I just never saw the point in paying more for the hardware I already had.  I thought of Apple MacBooks as really expensive laptops.  Since they pretty much are for what you get.  When I got the chance at work to switch to a MacBook I took the leap. If you […]

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What is a 4K TV?


  This is the biggest TV sale time of the year The weeks between new years and the Super Bowl (The Big Game) are the most popular times to buy a new TV.  So with the game coming up this weekend maybe you are still on the fence about buying one of the new 4K […]

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What’s the difference between storage and RAM?


The difference is big One of the most misunderstood stat, that everyone quotes, is that of how much “memory” a device has.  Usually, people when talking about how much storage space they have they call it memory.  “Oh, I can’t save any more pictures since I am out of memory.”  While there is nothing fundamentally wrong […]

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What to do with your Baofeng Radio


So you picked up a new Baofeng radio, either a 5R or something else.  I will stick with the 5R for this article since it is what I know.  Now that you maybe have had a chance to try it out on the local repeater or simplex.  Maybe you have been using it to listen […]

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Why are Computer Sales Slumping?


Why don’t people want “real” computers anymore It’s not news that overall sales of new computers have been slumping for a couple of years now.  Worldwide the sales of PCs and Mac computers have been on a downward slide due to low consumer demand and a shift to more mobile computing.  Let’s take a look […]

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