Super slim, super light, super awesome

What it is

The Acer Swift 7 is the latest in the super slim ultrabook laptop category.  This was all started a few years ago with the Apple Macbook Air.  At the time it was the thinnest laptop available.  A couple of weeks ago Acer announced their latest salvo in the ultrabook group.  The Swift 7 is claimed to be the the thinnest laptop ever made.  A super thin LCD and a brand new processor from Intel makes this possible. The Swift comes in at the 13.3 inch screen size.  That is what I conder on the bottom of my usability scale.  It still offers enough screen to do serious work and the form factor usually has room for a closer to full size keyboard.   It is also worth noting that it still has a headphone jack.

swift7-gallery-04 swift7-gallery-03









Okay, it’s thin, so what

As someone who has some form of laptop since the early 2000’s I appreciate not having to haul around a ton of bulk to do computing tasks on the go, or on the couch for that matter.  Recent improvements in LCD technology, batteries and processors has made this dream into reality.  Now that processors are capable of running cool, without a fan, PC makers are able to create thinner and thinner chassis.  LED lit screens also decrease the overall thickness of the laptop.  Way back in the olden days of yore, screen had to be backlit by a fluorescent bulb.  The batteries were huge and didn’t provide half the output power and weight savings of today’s lithium packs.

Plus it just looks cool.  Remember how people used to get all fired up over the Motorola Razr and how small it was folded?  This laptop is thinner than that!


Will I get to use this?

I don’t know that I will ever have the budget or the excuse to buy a $1,000+ laptop, but if I do this will probably be the one I would get.  The idea of a laptop this thin and this powerful really makes me wonder what the future will hold, I have a feeling this is going to be about as small a profile as will be achievable.  Unless we can get to a new display technology that is self backlit and processors that are microns thin.